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The Shakey Tables


With their roots in funk rock, The Shakey Tables have grown into an ambitious band whose music defies labeling. With the recent release of their debut album, A Shakey Table Situation, and through energetic performances throughout New York City, The Shakey Tables have succeeded in making the unexpected standard, by shaking up funk and rock with strains of Motown, 50s rock, a splash of rap, and a twist of big band sound, ultimately serving up a style that has a decidedly pop appeal and is undoubtedly fun and sexy.


A Shakey Tables show is nothing short of a party, and true to form, it holds plenty of surprises. A classy, three-part harmony at the core of every song serves as the perfect excuse for female-fronted, high-energy performances. With the feel of “The Supremes meet the Red Hot Chili Peppers,” Jaclyn Dima, Ruth Hartke, and Andi Rae Healy exude a confident sexiness that strikes just the right tone for the upbeat, yet often sultry, music and lyrics.


But don’t be fooled by all the fun and quirkiness — The Shakey Tables are a serious band. Often referred to as a “musician’s band,” The Shakey Tables are meticulous about getting all the elements right. Jaclyn Dima’s songwriting is unapologetic about balancing what’s proven with playful leaps into the unexpected, resulting in infectious songs brought to life by the rest of the band. Charles Becker and Mike Graves provide a tight rhythm section with funky grooves, and Jona Carson’s eclectic lead guitar provides intricate contour that complements the lyrics, melodies, and harmonies in each tune. Take all of these components and throw in a kickin’ three-part horn section, and you get one cohesive, fresh, and tangy package.


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